segunda-feira, outubro 03, 2005

O ritmo que eu estava procurando ou "meu ritmo gêmeo"

The Simple Line (última estrofe)

Body as Body lies more than still.
The rest seems nothing and nothing is
If nothing need be. (sacada simplesmente genial)
But if need be,
Thought not divided anyway
Answers itself, thinking
All open and everything.
Dead is the mind that parted each head.
But now the secrets of the mind convene
Without pride, without pain
To any onlookers.
What they ordain alone
Cannot be known
The ordinary way of eyes and ears
But only prophesied
If an unnatural mind, refusing to divide,
Dies immediately
Of too plain beauty
Foreseen within too suddenly,
And lips break open of astonishment
Upon the living mouth and rehearse
Death, that seems a simple verse
And, of all ways to know,
Dead or alive, easiest.

Laura Riding

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